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Then join Digiprintshop affiliate, you can earn money by sharing your favorite products or designs with friends, family and followers. Simply share your unique affiliate link and watch your earnings add up.
Affiliate Program in India | Earn upto 20% Commision with best digiprintshop affiliates

Why Choose Digiprintshop ?

Digiprintshop affiliate program is open to anyone with an online presence. Whether you’re an industry leader or a fresh new face, earn more by marketing your unique content.
Affiliate Program in India | Earn upto 20% Commision with best digiprintshop affiliates

✔️Complete Creative Library

Receive an expansive list of current and seasonal creatives, an endless flow of content, and a comprehensive tool kit including branded logos and banners.

✔️A Highly Active Community

Digiprintshop active community is where influencers exchange tips, provide feedback, host meetups, and grow professionally. Enjoy regular doses of DPS inspiration.

✔️ Full Professional Support

Receive professional support, informative tutorials, and a dedicated Affiliate Manager. We’ll help you maximize your conversions and build a steady stream of income.

✔️ Track Your Growth

Meet your growth goals using powerful tracking tools to monitor your sales, clicks, and campaigns. View your earnings, track performance, and get paid on the same date every month.

Digiprintshop Affiliates Earn upto 20% Commission On Every Sale

Earn up to 20% commission with a 7-day attribution window, plus bonus incentive opportunities. Wow, right?

Affiliate Program in India | Earn upto 20% Commision with best digiprintshop affiliates

Your Success Is Our Priority!


Clicking through your affiliate link activates a 30-day site cookie. A cookie is a tracker that helps us determine who sent a referral to our site (aka you.) Even if your referral doesn’t make an immediate purchase, any purchase they make during that 30-day period counts towards your earnings.
Additionally, we offer a 30-day cart cookie. This means that when visitors add products to their cart, there is an additional 30-day purchase window on top of your site cookie—from the day the product is added.

Affiliate commissions are paid on the final base price of a product. If an artist has set a markup on the product, you will only be paid a commission on the base price. If a product is on sale, the commission will be paid on the final sale price.
There is a 7-day grace period for all orders to clear from the time of sale. Any items returned in that window will not count towards your earnings.

✔️ Do Promote Digiprintshop.com on Social Media
✔️ Do Write About Digiprintshop.com on Blogs and Articles
✔️ Do Create Pramotional Digiprintshop.com Video unboxing
✔️ Do Place Digiprintshop.com Logos & Banners on Websites
✔️ Do Send Your Affiliate Link to Email Subscribers

❌ Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link on Coupon or Discount Websites
❌ Don’t Falsely Advertise Digiprintshop.com in Any Manner
❌ Don’t Modify Our Logos or Banners
❌ Don’t Offer Unofficial Discounts or Coupon Codes